Thursday, March 10, 2011

The 13th sign? Ophiuchus

Oh great just what we need.  As confusing as it is already they want to add another sign to the astrological chart.

Well this 13th sign has been here for along time people are just now deciding to make it a big ruckus. This 13th sign situation created a media frenzy. Many people that were Leo's were now wondering if they still were, or if they were Virgo's now.  Giving people a astrological identity crisis. Let me attempt to clarify this situation for you.

First I must make you understand that being a Leo is only your sun sign sign and you are far more complex than that. You have to do a birth chart to understand who you are completely. A birth chart basically is where you put the exact details of your birth like time and location where you were born. Scientist have a picture of the sky from that day and it tells you all the details about your self. You can have a Sun in Leo but a moon in Sagittarius. It can get very complex. This little paragraph doesn't even touch on it.  I will write another blog and give you the break down.

This sign is called Ophiuchus( OH-Phi-YOU-Cuss) represents a man wrestling a serpent.

This all depends on what astrology you use there is tropical which the western astrology refers too(that us). Also there is sidereal which is used in the east.

Which means your fine. No need to rush off and figure out how to cover up that scorpio tattoo from your ex-girlfriend that you love so dearly.

Seducing Cancers

So your in love with a cancer and you've come to me the Dr. Love of astrology for help.

Fist thing I suggest is to RUUUNNNN!!!!  like the wind just kidding
(well kinda). Ok I feel as though I should give you a little background on the situation before I start the butchering. I am a gemini and its not my perfect match but it can be worked out. Many Gemini's and Cancer's have led successful relationships but not I. I always found myself so frustrated and I ended up not seeing the relationship through.  I used to have an ultimate fear of those guys but I soon realized that I was clueless on the situation and had no understanding how they were whatsoever. Now that I have a clue about them I am here to the rescue.

I must remind you that it is very important that you have a compatibility with a cancer to improve your chances of a love connection. Best love matches include Scorpio and Pices as well as Capricorn.

Fist thing is the cancer signs symbol is the crab. Cancer is a water sign which means they are very emotional beings. They are moody by nature and you have to be willing to understand that. You have to be able to understand everything about them. If not you will be tossed out like yesterdays trash.You probably found them to be very frustrating. They are a hard sign to understand.  They are very complicated but once you have them figured out its smooth sailing. They rarely do things out of their normal pattern unless provoked. Like the crab the cancer has a hard shell on the ouside but in the inside are very soft and sensitive inside. They were more than likely hurt by a lover in the past and thats why they have their walls put up. Dating them takes patience. If you can work through it and stick by them you will be very happy.

Having a cancer as a lover can be a wonderful thing she will one of the most sensitive, loyal, nurturing romantic lover you've ever had. They have the best of both worlds a reliable caretaker as well as a passionate lover in the bedroom. You couldn't ask for more!

So if you want to seduce a cancer you need to be honest and straightforward say exactly what you want no beating around the bush. Tell them "hey Im feeling you and I'd like to take you on a date". The will love it you don't have to play any games with them. Also make sure you handle everything about this date your asking them on. Like the time location and who picking who up and so on. They do not like making all the decisions so if you don't know how to do this you may need to reconsider. Im not saying they need a bossy overbearing female but they need someone who is dominant.

If you want to woo them you need to make sure you pay attention to details in what they tell you they like. They like to romance and like to be romanced. They would enjoy a handwritten note left on their pillow more than they would like you to buy them something. You'll will get further by appealing to their emotional side.  Other signs can be superficial but not them .

They are not usually people who like to have casual flings.  Most things they do are on a serious note. That could make it very frustrating because you become unsure of their feelings. That could lead you to become insecure. Don't do that its not a good look. They are hanging out with you for a reason. They don't deal with people they don't like.  Remember I told you patience is key you must be in this for the long haul. They will drag it out to make sure your legit and not trying to run over them. Like all the females of their past did. You have to become like a best friend to them first then you can move along with an actual relationship.

Cancers are wonderful people to date as long as you are willing to work past that emotional walls. You will have a lover that is practical and stable but yet still exciting. Not many other people can do that. So I encourage you to crack open that crab shell!